Man Child - A Straight8 Film By Chris Watson

A few months back I wrote the score for a short called 'Man Child' by Chris Watson. The project turned out to be quite unusual as I wasn't able to see any footage whilst writing! Scoring completely blind in effect, other than the storyboard and some critical timings to edit to. 

'Man child' was filmed for the Straight 8 competition and made it through to the London screening event, where it was shown at the at Vue Piccadilly, London on June 12th.

The entire film was shot on a Canon 1014e with one super 8 cartridge of Kodak vision3 200t super 8 film, using no post production and only in camera edits. 

For the score Chris wanted something like the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack from Charlie Brown. I love Charlie Brown, so it turned out to be a really enjoyable score to make.  

I watched the film for the first time today and loved it! So I thought I'd blog it up.

Hope you enjoy. 

Joff Winks

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