New Sanguine Hum Release Jan 2016

We've just announced the release of the next Sanguine Hum album 'What We Ask Is Where We Begin' available from 29th Jan 2016. 

What We Ask Is Where We Begin



The first disc sees the Joff Winks Band album 'Songs for Days' finally released in CD format after nearly 10 years of digital only banishment! It's a massive relief to see the album getting a proper release! After labouring on it for so long and not being able to hold a real copy for so many years I can't wait to get my mitts on my own copy!

Alongside the original album there is also a second disc of rarities and until recently unfinished recordings that were principally made during the 'Songs for Days' era. Many of them hidden on Hard Disks and DVDrs until early summer this year, when sifting through the archive began in earnest. Some of the recordings have been a real surprise and a pleasure to finish and remix.

After finishing the mastering just a few weeks ago now I can say that it's a record that I'm immensely proud of and also one that I've been privileged to have been part of alongside the brilliant musicians of Sanguine Hum Mk1: Matt Baber, Brad Waissman & Paul Mallyon!  

So heres a little treat for new ears and a trip down memory lane for old ones!

Joff Winks

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