Scores January 2016

I've been pitching for several film projects this month, one for an up and coming war movie and the other for a horror/thriller film. They've required quite different treatments, production techniques and orchestration and have also provided me with an opportunity to test drive the "Cinesamples" orchestra, which has been one of the latest additions to my sample library. 


The first track 'Renegades' is a fast paced action cue packed full of metric modulations, mixed metres, woodwind and string flurries and intense percussion sections. This style of orchestration is one of the most labour intensive but also one of the most fun to produce.


This is the fist score that I've rendered with the "Cinesamples" orchestra and I must say that I'm super pleased with the results. Recording multiple mic positions and real room reverberation adds so much realism to the final recording. For me this sampling technique has broken a long time working partnership with "Vienna Symphonic Library" and is being developed further by companies such as Spitfire Audio recording at AIR Studios London and Orchestral Tools recoding at the famous Teldex studio in Berlin. I can feel the pressure on my wallet already!  


'The Dark Is Rising' is quite a contrast. It's based around two classic synth tones provided by the wonderful Arturia emulations of the ARP Solina String Ensemble and Yhamha's famous CS-80. Both of these instruments are in my top 10 synths list. On top of the synth sounds I've recorded myself reading extracts from the 'Rigveda' and then applied copious amounts of post production to arrive at something quite otherworldly. 

Cimbalom, bowed gongs and waterphone add the all important horror qualities. This piece also features the "Cinesamples" brass and strings rounding out a dark, ever rising harmony to a massive final crescendo. 

Hope you enjoy...

Joff Winks

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