Rode iXY Sound vs Sight

Over the years I've gotten into making field recordings. I think it started one afternoon when I decided to stick a couple of condenser mics in the front garden. I trailed a long pair of XLR cables out of the window and set the mics up on small stands with their elastic suspension mounts and wind filters. I closed the blinds and sat back to listen. The world was totally transformed. Minute details that were mostly inaudible became clear and present, conversations in the distance, bird song, passing cars, school kids in the playground all in exsquiste detail. I'd happily sit and listen for and hour or more whilst recording.

Personally I find sound to be more evocative of time and place than photographs and consequently I try to record days out, holidays and important events by using mobile equipment such as a minidisc recorder and small battery powdered stereo condenser mic. The main problem is remembering to carry the equipment with me. On many occasions I've kicked myself for forgetting and missing out on great opportunities to make a recording or had to do the best I could with the built in mic on my phone.

Then I found the iXY by Rode. 


It's a small coincidentally mounted pair of Rode condenser capsuals with a really neat lightning connector for iPhone. The mounting fits over the home button whilst maintaining the buttons functionality and within a few seconds the iPhone is transformed into a high quality mobile recording unit! 

The built in AD converter is capable of sample rates of up to 96khz and the downloadable app controls the recording parameters. It also comes with a convenient pop shield and carry case that clips onto a key ring so you're never in the position of forgetting to bring it and as I've always got my phone with me I now don't have to worry about being without the means to capture sounds. 

I took a trip to the British museum recently and recoded the sounds of the massive atrium and some of the exibition rooms. 

When I listen back to the recordings I find that I can remember details about the museum that I may have forgotten without the recording. 

However, these masks deserved a photograph as they're really quite amazing!  

Joff Winks

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