Indie Game Soundtrack - The Lazarus Sign

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Misuse of power, abuse and suicide and the potential for technology to redeem are some of the mature themes found in The Lazarus Sign, a new indie RPG game that I'm currently composing the soundtrack for. 

The Lazarus Sign draws inspiration from indie games like 'To The Moon' written by Kan Gao, and like 'To The Moon' is being developed in RPG Maker. 

Developer Stefan Ortelbach got in touch to discuss the project with me.

After chatting for an hour or so we both felt that the simplistic retro charm of RPG Maker wouldn't necessarily be where the game succeeded but rather the game could punch above its weight by focusing on an engaging, original narrative and a great game soundtrack. 

For the game soundtrack, I'm working with core themes for each character that can be used to underscore dialogue. 

Alongside these, I'm writing several longer compositions that pass through contrasting moods, which can be used to accompany different stages of gameplay.

The longer compositions are designed to cover extended periods of free gameplay and are conceived not only to play as a continuous sequence but also to be divided into loopable sections, allowing Stefan the greatest flexibility when syncing the soundtrack with the game. It's also a nice way to make sure that Stefan gets the biggest bang for his buck! 

I'll be posting updates of progress on this project, so please check back for future developments.

Until then here's an excerpt from one of the longer compositions.

Hope you enjoy.

Joff Winks

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