Scores May 2018

Seven Sisters


I've had the urge to write a composition for strings recently, probably because I've been really enjoying the new Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions samples by Spitfire Audio. 

The clue to the clever nature of this impressive sample library is in the name: Chamber Evolutions and to create these sonic evolutions the Olafur Arnolds library builds on the Evo Grid system developed in earlier libraries by Spitfire Audio.  

It's traditionally been a difficult task to get samples to sound improvised or organic in nature; requiring many layers of samples, which eat up computer memory, and lots of programming to control expression, articulations and other performance nuances.  An ensemble of live string players can create amazing textures and variation in a part very quickly, "if only samples could be as simple to work with" I've often said to myself.

Well, now they are!  The Spitfire Audio evo grid system makes creating evolving textures so much easier and more enjoyable from a composers perspective.  Multiple textures are available at the click of a button and combining them couldn't be simpler.  The evolving nature of the sampled recordings ensures a continuous variation and development of the texture making light work of what used to take hours!  The upside of this is that there's lots more time to focus on the composition and less stress in realising it once the sketches are completed. 

I've called this new composition Seven Sisters as it's inspired by the legend of Atlas and his offspring, Maia, Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Taygete, Electra, and Merope.  The seven sisters in this composition are the white keys of the piano, each note taking it's turn in the melody until all seven notes have been presented.  The melody in this recording is rendered with Cinesamples Solo Strings cello, whilst all the other string parts are recorded using the Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and the London Contemporary Orchestra strings library also by Spitfire Audio. 

Thanks to Spitfire Audio for recording such amazing sounds!

Joff Winks

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