Scores August 2015

I've been working on several highly contrasting scores this month with pitches for A Warner Bros Sci Fi movie and two very different advertisement pitches. 

Ejecta - High energy Sci Fi piece with all the requisite percussion, hard hitting drums and analogue synths, of which my favourite is the CS80 where in this piece it's playing the fast paced arpeggios on the top of the composition. 

The Wonder Emporium Reveals - Quirky, tongue in cheek orchestral ditty that I've worked up for a soft drink commercial pitch. These cues are a lot of fun to make although they are work intensive given the amount of orchestration needed to create the ever evolving and moving textures. 

Brick by Brick - Contemplative and calm I wrote this piece for a building block toy company commercial pitch. I've used staccato winds, brass and percussion here to create a building evolving texture that bubbles away beneath the Piano.

Joff Winks

Greetings my name is Joff Winks I’m a musician, composer, teacher, professional daydreamer and passionate advocate of the arts.